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Invest your knowledge, experience, and ambition in Lebanon.

The Petroleum Administration is seeking to build a national roster for Lebanese professionals with expertise in the petroleum sector and related fields. The Roster will serve as a tool for national and international oil and gas companies to gain access to the profiles of Lebanese professionals with relevant education and expertise to join the workforce needed to develop the Petroleum Sector in Lebanon.

The Roster is not open for specific job vacancies that are currently available. When there is a Job Vacancy open at the Petroleum Administration or any third party, applicants are encouraged to apply specifically to the relevant job vacancy.

The Profiles listed on the Roster are not endorsed or recommended by the Petroleum Administration. Roster applicants agree to have their profiles shared with parties other than the Petroleum Administration. Third Parties accessing the Roster will conduct their own evaluation of the profiles available. Interested Lebanese professionals are encouraged to register online to be listed on the roster.

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